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Our topic this term is Canada. What things would you like to find out about in our topic work? What do you already know about Canada?

The Australian Outback

We have been learning about two vital services in the Australian outback – The School of the Air and the Flying doctor service.
We found out that if you live in the Australian outback you might not have a school to go to so you have your lessons over the radio ( or more recently, the internet). You sit in your house at the same time as all your classmates and listen to a teacher deliever a lesson. You are able to talk to your teacher and friends over the radio and once or twice a year you go on a residential trip to meet them.

The Royal Flying Docor service began in 1928 when it was realised that there was a great need for doctors to get to remote communities and what better and quicker way than by plane!

What can you find out about these services?

Good achievement assembly

Well done to Emma Wake who has improved her reading massively this term. In the SATs test she has gone from a 3b to a 4c since October!

Good achievement assembly

Congratulations to KADY GOWER for working hard to improve her handwritng.

An exciting week ahead.

I am really looking forward to our visit to Whitby this week to see the Captain Cook Museum and the Endeavour Bark. Lets hope for good weather but just in case, wrap up warm and wear waterproof clothes and footwear.

Check out the museum here

Good achievement assembly

Well done to JORDAN RAMSDEN who was awarded the certificate this week for improved attitude and improved work.


Writing targets

Congratulations to all those who reached their writing target this week.

Aboriginal week

This week we will be studying the Australian aboriginals and particularly their art.

We have already looked at some paintings. Can you explain what the symbols stand for?

Later this week we will be designing our own paintings.

What will we be learning this week?

class=”alignnone” />style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Maths

We will be learning how to reflect shapes across a mirror line.


We will be writing a biography about Captain James Cook. Can you remember the features of a biography?


This week we will be beginning our work on space and the planets.


Our RE topic this term is all about places that are important to different religions. We will begin by looking at Lindisfarne or as it is sometimes called, Holy Island. Can you find out why this place is so important to Christians?


Australia – where is it? How big is it? What is its population and what are its famous landmarks?

Captain Cook

Captain Cook on PhotoPeach

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